Taco Bell Foundation Awards Students $10 Million In Scholarships

The scholarship application process can be rigorous, but the Taco Bell Foundation is doing away with the typical requirements. All of them. The Foundation recently announced it is awarding up to $7 million in Live Más Scholarships to 1,000 passion-driven students without their grades, an essay or test scores having to be considered. Most scholarship applications require some form of an essay submission, which on average can take 2-5 hours to complete. The Taco Bell Foundation’s opportunity is open to students aged 16-26 nationwide, and only require them to highlight their passion and educational aspirations through a two-minute video. The scholarships range from $5,000 to $25,000 per recipient.

“The Live Más Scholarship cultivates a passionate community of diverse individuals united by their shared commitment to breaking down barriers for the causes they believe in,” said Jennifer Bradbury, Executive Director of the Taco Bell Foundation in a news release. “The unwavering passion exhibited by these students never ceases to amaze us. We provide them with pathways to access new opportunities and resources, empowering them to create the change they envision.”

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