Taco Bell Asks Fans to Create Next Nacho Fries Ad

Taco Bell is ready to roll out its next trailer-style ad for the return of Nacho Fries.

As each installment takes on a new, specific movie genre, this year that decision is up to the fans. On January 18, Taco Bell announced via Twitter that the Nacho Fries trailer will look a bit different this year as it hands over creative control to the public. “We’re fry-ing to know what y’all will come up with,” the official Twitter account tweeted at the start of the thread, which called for genre ideas.  Soon after, Taco Bell tweeted that it had landed on a concept: a time loop story that has the main character stuck in the same day. Think the 1993 Bill Murray classic comedy Groundhog Day.

The campaign, the “Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries Challenge,” will have fans submit their original ideas for the next Taco Bell Nacho Fry commercial via Twitter with the hashtag #Frieschallenge. Up to 20 entries will be selected and the submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges based on the criteria of creativity and relevance to the Taco Bell brand. This will be the first time the brand will have a fan-centered and fan-created spot for its beloved Nacho Fries.

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