KFC announces the ‘Jack Harlow Meal’

KFC is continuing its partnership with rapper (and Kentucky native) Jack Harlow.  KFC announced the new “Jack Harlow Meal,” which will drop at KFC locations nationwide beginning June 6.

The combo meal, hand-selected by Harlow himself, includes the brand’s spicy chicken sandwich, mac & cheese, secret recipe fries, a side of ranch, and a lemonade.

“From releasing ‘Come Home the Kids Miss You’ and now launching my own meal at KFC, I’m having a super blessed summer,” Harlow said in a press release.

He added that the meal brings together his childhood favorites from growing up in Louisville (like the brand’s classic mac & cheese) to newer menu items such as the spicy chicken sandwich (released in 2021) and secret recipe fries (first introduced in 2020.)

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