Fastest Drive-Thrus in America: Taco Bell and KFC

According to a recent survey of drive-thru customers, Taco Bell and KFC ranked #1 and #2 respectively among the top 10 drive-thru chains in the U.S. Taco Bell recorded a total time through drive-thru of 268 seconds and KFC, 272 seconds. The next closest was Carl’s Jr/Hardee’s with 286 seconds. Chick-Fil-A rounded out the top 10 at 541 seconds.

The FoodserviceResults team, in partnership with QSR magazine, conducted a comprehensive, nationally representative survey of drive-thru consumers in the U.S. using an online survey sample. Additionally, onsite audits were conducted in July 2021. Leveraging insights from numerous industry experts, the finalized survey was completed by 1,007 drive-thru consumers during fieldwork.

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