Dolly Parton loves Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza, but she thinks it should be bigger

Just months after Dolly Parton told online news source Insider that she missed the Mexican Pizza, Taco Bell brought back the discontinued menu item and cast Parton in a musical celebrating its return. But the country-music icon has just one more request — she thinks the Mexican Pizza should be bigger.

Parton sat down with Insider in January to discuss her new line of Southern treats with Duncan Hines. She was asked how she felt about the return of the Mexican Pizza.

“It was great, and I still order them now,” she said. “They finally got them back, and now they can’t keep them in stock because people were missing them. I was just one of many, many people that had missed them.” Dolly went on to say, “I actually love ’em like they are, I’d just make them bigger so I could have more of it!”

Taco Bell heard Parton’s pleas, though, because the Big A** Mexican Pizza is being released to select fans this weekend.

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