Diablo 4 KFC Collaboration Officially Revealed

Diablo 4 has officially begun its new promotion with KFC featuring special in-game cosmetics. Neither Blizzard nor KFC formally announced the upcoming promotion beforehand, but it seems the Diablo 4 promotion is now live at many of the restaurant’s locations.

Recently, several leaks suggested a second KFC promotion with Diablo 4 was coming for the game’s launch. Though it was never officially announced, an internal email made reference to several in-game cosmetics players could obtain by purchasing KFC, and models for several poultry-themed Diablo 4 weapons were discovered as well.

It seems the Diablo 4 promotion is not only real–it is rolling out at KFC locations across the US right now. On May 29, KFC added a new landing page to its website announcing the collaboration with Diablo 4, and many restaurants began using special Diablo 4 cups and sandwich wrappers. Players will be able to sync their Battle.net accounts to unlock rewards starting May 30, but sandwiches purchased digitally through the KFC app or website now will still count as qualifying purchases. With the cheapest sandwiches costing about $5, unlocking all five Diablo 4 weapons from KFC will cost about $25.

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