Chrissy Teigen’s KFC Mother’s Day Menu

KFC is going all out with a Mother’s Day menu that comes from one famous mom: Chrissy Teigen. The mom of four partnered with KFC to curate the chain’s “real-talk” Mother’s Day menu, available May 6 through May 12. And for Teigen, the partnership is a natural fit.  “I’ve been obsessed with KFC forever, so I’m basically drooling in anticipation of my husband ordering a KFC Mother’s Day feast,” she said in a statement. “As much as I love cooking, I’m all about doing as little as humanly possible on Mother’s Day, so KFC’s Mother’s Day meals really match my vibe for the day.” The limited-run meals on the digital menu all have cheeky new names in honor of moms. For starters, “Taste of Time-off Meal” includes four pieces of fried chicken, two sides of mashed potatoes and gravy, and two biscuits. The Mom Appreciation Meal is heftier with eight extra crispy fried chicken tenders, any two large sides, four biscuits and four dipping sauces. For the moms who want a relaxing day, KFC is offering the Eight Piece and Quiet Meal, which consists of either original recipe chicken or extra crispy, two large sides and four biscuits. Rounding out the silly-sweet menu is the Dad’s In Charge of Dinner Meal, which includes a 12-piece fried chicken bucket meal, three large sides and six biscuits.

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