Nacho Fries are Coming Back

This limited-time offering will soon return for the year.  Taco Bell fans on the Taco Bell Rewards program will get special early access. Those who use the app will be able to get Nacho Fries Early Access March 8th and 9th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. local time. Nacho Fries will then officially return for everyone else nationwide on Thursday, March 10th.

Nacho Fries will remain at Taco Bell locations nationwide at least through April with two promotions scheduled. The first promotion—other than early access—will take place between March 24th and March 26th. Then, Taco Bell Rewards users will get a free order of Nacho Fries if they order at least a dollar’s worth of food through the app.

The second promotion will then start Monday, March 27th and remain active through April 13th. That promotion will see free Nacho Fries given to anyone who orders Taco Bell through GrubHub. A minimum of a $15 purchase is required with the second promotion.

Outside of the promotions, Nacho Fries will be available a la carte for $1.49 or as part of a Nacho Fries Box for $5.49. That box also includes a Beefy 5-layer Burrito, Crunchy Taco, and medium drink in addition to the Nacho Fries. Those prices are subject to change based on location.

KFC, TikTok Creator Isaiah Garza to Provide $500K to Fight Hunger

Kentucky Fried Chicken and TikTok creator Isaiah Garza have teamed up to launch the #KentuckyFriedGivingChallenge, a grant fund that will give away $500,000 in cash grants to nonprofits fighting hunger in communities across the U.S. via TikTok. KFC was inspired by TikTok’s Creator Fund and philanthropic creators like Isaiah, best known for spreading positivity and changing lives through random acts of kindness on TikTok, to create the unique grant program.

Through the #KentuckyFriedGivingChallenge, KFC will award $40,000 to 11 nonprofits. Then, between April 4–18, fans will have the chance to cast their vote for one of the 11 finalist videos where the grand prize-winning nonprofit will be awarded an additional $60,000. Between Feb. 23 to March 4, 2022, creators affiliated with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit must submit a video up to 30-seconds in length on TikTok showcasing how their organization helps its local community; submissions must include the official hashtag and song/audio used in the launch/announcement video and be associated with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to be considered. Detailed instructions are available at, and you enter your submission into the #KentuckyFriedGivingChallenge by posting a TikTok video. Deadline to enter is March 4, 2022.

Taco Lover’s Pass a Resounding Success!

Taco Bell announced that the first month of the taco subscription service was a success! Fans that subscribed to the pass visited the restaurant three times as many times throughout the month as those who didn’t have a subscription. The Taco Lover’s Pass program can be purchased in the app and resulted in 20% new rewards members, bolstering the loyalty program that was first introduced in 2020. It also generated a 16% renewal rate for those opting into a second month.

Taco Bell, Klondike Bring Back Choco Taco

Taco Bell and Klondike have partnered again to offer the Klondike Choco Taco. The Choco Taco will be testing exclusively at 20 select Taco Bell locations for a limited time while supplies last. The Choco Taco is returning after a seven year absence. The Klondike Choco Taco mirrors the taco with a crunchy, thick-coated chocolate outside, and a creamy, fudge-swirled inside topped with peanuts.

Taco Bell Drive-Thru Time Improves

The focus on drive-thru speed at Taco Bell is showing results.  Drive-thru speed nationally was two seconds faster year-over-year in Q4, marking the eighth straight quarter of an average time under four minutes—an impressive feat, considering ongoing labor challenges and spikes of Omicron cases.

In August, Taco Bell revealed the Defy concept—a 3,000-square-foot restaurant featuring four drive-thru lanes, including one traditional lane and three for mobile orders or delivery pickups. The new store, scheduled to open in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, this summer, also has digital check-in screens allowing customers to scan a QR code and receive food via a “bell-evator” lift system.

KFC Digital Sales Soars 70% in 2021

KFC digital sales in the U.S. soared 70 percent year-over-year in 2021, attributed mainly to our delivery service channel and e-commerce platform that launched nationwide early in 2021. In the 4th quarter, KFC rolled out Quick Pick-Up, in which customers skip the drive-thru and grab mobile orders out of cubbies inside the restaurant.  COVID clearly accelerated the trend to digital and KFC was well positioned to capture the business.

Most Popular Taco Bell Menu Items in Each State

Analyzing Google Trends data from October 2020 to October 2021, apartment group The Waycroft identified the most popular Taco Bell orders based on state.

The Crunchwrap Supreme was a clear favorite winning 17 states, with the Quesarito a distant second as the favorite in 10 states.  The next closest was the classic Soft Taco winning 4 states.

In LVE’s market, North Carolina’s favorite was Soft Taco; Florida, Steak Quesadilla; Arizona, Crunchwrap Supreme; and South Carolina, Quesarito.

Taco Bell Adds Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch DLTs

Available for a limited time beginning February 10, fans can get the Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos. 2022 also marks the 10th anniversary of the first DLT launch at Taco Bell, as well as the Taco Bell brand’s 60th anniversary. The new Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos adds a spicy new twist to this beloved menu item.

The Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos contain a crunchy taco shell made of Doritos Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Flavored Tortilla Chips, an all-new mash-up that combines the classic Cool Ranch flavor fans love with a spicy, bold crunch and loaded with the go-to taco toppings. It’s available a la carte for $1.99 and is also available in Supreme for $2.49. The DLT can also be added to the Build Your Own Cravings Box in the Taco Bell app and website.

KFC Teams Up with Pillow Pets

KFC just announced its biggest sandwich yet, and it’s a pillow! Starting Feb. 1, you can order the limited-edition KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler exclusively on for $99.99 while supplies last.* KFC has created a giant, nearly three-foot KFC Chicken Sandwich stuffed pillow. The KFC Chicken Sandwich, which was introduced nationwide in January 2021 and quickly became a fan-favorite, was the inspiration behind this partnership with Pillow Pets.

KFC Adds New Meal Bundles

For a limited time only, KFC is introducing two new meal bundles–a new Sandwiches and Tenders Meal and new Sandwiches and Sides bundle.  The Sandwiches and Tenders Meal includes choice of four Classic or Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, six Extra Crispy Tenders, two large sides and four biscuits.  The Sandwiches and Sides bundle includes four Classic or Spicy Chicken Sandwiches and choice of two large sides.

The new meals are available exclusively when ordering through the KFC app or website at