Team Florida

JAMIE BRENNAN – Area Coach North Florida, has been in our industry since 2002, and has a passion to make it the best.  Jamie joined Taco Bell in 2011 and proceeded to become a four-time Best of the Best Golden Bell Manager/Area Coach for Taco Bell.  She joined LVE in 2019, and currently runs 6 restaurant locations in North Florida.  She believes in making a difference with her stores, and when not working on that, she is actively involved with family, and in sports with her kids.

SEAN PATRICK – Area Coach Central Florida, started with us in 2015 as an Assistant Manager and has worked his way up to GM throughout the Lakeland Market.  In 2017, he successfully opened a new store in Groveland Florida, building sales to 1.8MM.  His drive for excellence in teamwork has been a key to his success which has led to time as an Area Coach with Team Carolina in 2021 and his return for his family to Team Florida.  His family is and kids are a big priority to Sean, and one of his driving forces as he Dares to be Great!

ALEXANDER WHEDBEE – Area Coach Central Florida, has been with Taco Bell since 2006.   While working with Taco Bell Corp, Alexander put himself through school, and received his BA in 2012.  Alexander joined LVE in 2014.  His passion for driving change and innovation keeps him constantly moving forward.   While running his area, he returned to Florida Southern College and received his MBA in 2021.

RICARDO MARCANO – Area Coach South Central Florida, has been with Taco Bell since 1995 and became an Area Coach, in Puerto Rico running KFC, MultiBrands, and Taco Bell restaurants.  Ricardo came to LVE in 2015 to open and run our new location in Key West.  He now resides in Central Florida and runs a wide area though South Central Florida.

WADY TACTUK– Area Coach West Palm Beach, has been with Taco Bell for over 31 years.  He has worked for Both Taco Bell Corp and LVE in his career.   He came to LVE in 2017, and has not only run numerous stores but, has served as a mentor and developer for many of the leaders in both Taco Bell Corp and LVE.  Wady has been instrumental in the growth in this area for Taco Bell.

SAM FAKHRAN – Area Coach West Palm Beach, has been an Area Coach for LVE since 2017, and has 21 years with Taco Bell.  Sam was not just a Best of the Best Golden Bell recipient; he was number 1 in the country.   He has been a key in opening most of the stores in the area and has personally developed most of the management in the West Palm area.

ONELL MCCARTHY – Area Coach North Broward County, Onell started his career with Taco Bell Corp over 32 years ago.  Onell came to LVE in 2017 bringing a lot of experience and positiveness with him.  His understanding of the area he runs, and the systems at Taco Bell make him a valuable member and resource to our team.

CHRISTIAN MELENDEZ – Area Coach South Florida, Started his career in Taco Bell in 1998 in Puerto Rico.  He relocated to Florida in 2002, and worked his way up through the system to an Opening Specialist and MTM for Taco Bell Corp.  He started at LVE in 2014 assisting in the opening of our store in Key West, then taking over our stores as an Area Coach in South Florida.  His area spans from North Broward County to Key West.

KELSY ESTRADA – People Capability Coach Florida, Started with Taco Bell in 2014, and worked her way up through the system to become a General Manager in 2018.  In 2021, Kelsy accepted a position in training as the PCC for Team Florida.  Her willingness to ensure consistency and drive people to succeed is a great asset in training and development for Team Florida.