Shift Lead Overview

Your role falls into four main categories: Food, Service, People and the Restaurant. This means you'll ensure our food is served safely, provide consistent customer satisfaction, provide our Team with a great Restaurant to work at, and operate each and every shift at the Restaurant.

Your role is to support your GM by running great shifts in a self-sufficient manner. This means taking ownership of safety, deployment, providing feedback, and so much more! Your Team will look to you for guidance as the Manager-In-Charge, and it's your job to be willing to provide help and guidance.

Taking care of our great people is at the heart of what we do. As you strive for excellence, always keep people in mind by placing your customers and Team Members as your highest priority. Make sure Team Members complete assigned tasks and serve safe, quality food in a friendly manner.


  • Ensure safety and quality standards are met

  • Effective Team Member communication - coaching through conflicts

  • Be the role model and coach teams to deliver standards

  • Hold Team Members accountable for "Own Your Zone" tasks

  • Right people - good balance of Food and Service Champions

  • Verify Team Members are washing hands correctly, and to standards



Before we get into the good stuff, let's go through how your training will work. Your new hire training consists of two parts. The first part is your eLearning courses. The second part is hands-on training, which you complete with your General Manager. There is an On-the-Job Practice form (OTJ) that goes with each of your eLearning courses so you can practice what you've learned. At the end of each course, you'll close the window and complete your OTJ through OneSource. Be sure to have your General Manager work with you to complete your Trainer Sign Off after you've completed each OTJ Practice.

As part of your Shift Lead Book, you'll also have other components to complete as part of your training! Each day will tell you what you can expect for that day. You'll see things such as: 1:1's, Did You Know's?, Taco Talks, Shift Shadowing, Shift Lead perks, or tools.


Welcome! We're so excited for you to start your training as a Shift Lead at Taco Bell! There are a couple things you'll see in your training to look out for:

    • Extra eLearning courses

    • Food Champion Practice Days

    • Service Champion Practice Days


After you complete your New Hire Training, training doesn't stop. We have training throughout the year called Experience Training. This training is for new products, new service initiatives, and gives updates on what the brand is currently working on. This training is a great way to stay connected to the brand and keep up on the latest products and service initiatives. Experience Training is a combination of 5 Components: Watch it, Learn it, Do it, Own it and Shop it.


Find the SL job description here.

Find the SL performance appraisal here.

Find the SL training by logging on to, clicking "One Source" in the upper right hand corner, and search for "Shift Lead".  (You can also follow the steps outlined here.)