Area Coach Overview

Congratulations on beginning your training to become an Area Coach! You have been chosen because your ability to build the capability of your people, ensure consistent customer satisfaction, and maximize sales and profits. Thank you for choosing us to be part of that journey. We’re so excited to see how far you will go!

Some key responsibilities of an Area Coach include:


    • Growing and developing your team to deliver exceptional business results (Identify, Assess, Train, Certify/Validate, Develop, Managing Performance)

    • Recruit

    • Meet every new hire within 30 days of them getting hired

    • Coach General Managers to build culture and deliver results

    • Validate all New Hire and Experience training

    • Hold your restaurants accountable to completing all On the Job Practice forms including all GM / AGM WorkWiths

    • Continually provide coaching through career experiences

    • Provide regular feedback to the GM through 1:1s

    • Provide ongoing positive and corrective feedback to the GM, AGM, and Shift Leads

    • Recognize all levels


    • Ensure Restaurant delivers an exceptional customer experience

    • Role model a good customer experience while in the restaurants

    • Assess the Customer Experience while you're in the restaurants

    • Understand how customers are viewing your restaurants through scheduled visits and detailed analysis (VOC and CORE)

    • Work with your GMs to identify and develop strategies to address opportunities

    • Lead Experience and program rollouts with your GMs to ensure success

    • Know how your restaurants compare with competitors and strive to be the best

    • Resolve Customer complaints quickly while maintaining positive Customer relations


    • Analyze the financial performance of your area and understand trends

    • Review and approve schedules each week for each of your restaurants

    • Coach your GMs using EARS and the Period Business Review, on ways to drive sales and maximize profitability

    • Use situational leadership to identify areas that need your attention to grow sales and profit


New Hire Training

Before we get into the good stuff, lets review how your training will work. Your new hire training consists of two parts. The first part is your eLearning courses. The second part is hands-on training, which you complete with Above Target Area Coach (AT AC). There is a WorkWith that goes with each of your eLearning courses so you can practice what you've learned. At the end of each course, you'll close the window and complete your WorkWith through OneSource. The supervising Above Target Area Coaches can also use the WorkWiths as a tool in coaching Area Coaches to improve specific behaviors surrounding particular topics. Be sure to have your AT AC complete the Trainer Sign Off after they've certified you for your WorkWith.

Experience Training

After you complete your New Hire Training, training doesn't stop. We have training every 4-6 weeks throughout the year called Experience Training. This training is for new products, new service procedures, and includes re-certification on Brand Standards that are essential to your Team's success. This training is a good way to hold your Restaurants accountable for creating products correctly, and executing the proper procedures. You can check your team's completion of Experience Training in your Reporting Dashboard on My Taco Bell. Be sure to verify that the Experience Training calendar is posted  in each of your Restaurants.

Experience Training is a combination of 5 Components: Watch it, Learn it, Do it, Own it and Shop it.

    1. Watch It: Ignite is a short video that provides the high level information about what's coming up in the next experience and key fundamentals to focus on.

    2. Learn It: This is the eLearning course. To launch any course, login to OneSource, navigate to your course, and then click the link. The course provides content, context, and examples on the topic. It also contains expectations and what you need to know to be successful based on your job role.

    3. Do It: This is the On the Job Practice or OTJ and you'll use this form to demonstrate the behaviors that go along with the concepts that were covered in the eLearning course. Once you complete your eLearning course and OTJ, you're fully trained on a topic

      • As an Area Coach, it's important that you complete your eLearning course and watch the Ignite Video. You do not need to complete an OTJ for Experiences, but it shows you what the restaurants need to certify on. You will need to complete your OTJs / WorkWiths for new hire training.
    4. Own It: These are your Training Support Tools and include things like Job Aids, Digital Cashier Cards, Diagrams and Standards Cards. Use a support tool for in the moment reminders of how to do something because it is not always possible to memorize everything that you've learned.

    5. Shop It: This is the feedback step of the approach. As an Area Coach, you'll be visiting all your restaurants as a customer to order the limited time offer. Place your order, describe the restaurant team's interactions and execution, and use the Shop Form to note your findings. After you've ordered, review the Experience you had with your MIC. This way, this way the MIC can provide overall feedback to the team to help everyone perform better next time.

Find the AC job description here.

Find the AC performance appraisal here.

Find the AC training by logging on to, clicking "One Source" in the upper right hand corner, and search for "Area Coach".  (You can also follow the steps outlined here.)