Luihn VantEdge Partners (LVE) is a franchisee of Yum! Brands with nearly 200 restaurants in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Arizona.

We are dedicated to product quality in a family atmosphere.


Luihn VantEdge Partners has nearly 200 locations with over 5,000 talented employees spanning five states. LVE celebrated 50 years of business in 2016.

LVE Brands

Taco Bell started in 1962 and is a key value leader in the quick service restaurant industry. Taco Bell offers the freshest ideas in Mexican fast food.
KFC in 2002 celebrated 50 years of selling great chicken. KFC is real food, fast that reawakens the pleasure of eating - rich flavors and fresh ingredients.
No matter where you live, when you sail into Long John Silver's® you've sailed to the Seafood Experts. From shore to shore, we take pride in being your seafood expert.

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KFC tests a new bowl, focus on attracting younger consumers

KFC is testing Smash’d Potato Bowls in Pittsburgh for a limited time. The bowls include KFC’s Secret Recipe Fries, mashed potatoes with a warm cheese sauce, bacon crumbles, and a three-cheese blend, and are available for $3.49. Customers can also add KFC’s new nuggets to the Smash’d Potato Bowl for $5.49. The nuggets were introduced in […]

Taco Bell Is Adding Vegan Nacho Fries to All Locations Nationwide

Since they first hit the menu in 2018, Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries—seasoned fries served with a side of nacho cheese dipping sauce—have been a top-selling, limited-time item. This year, the popular fries are back and there is something new to crave for Taco Bell lovers looking for a dairy-free option. On October 12, Vegan Nacho […]

Coach Prime stars in new KFC commercial

KFC is going all in on the Deion Sanders experience at Colorado with a new commercial featuring the Sanders family. KFC has previously worked with the family to promote the Fill Up Box and chicken nuggets. Now the Sanders’ are promoting the new hot and spicy wings. Coach Prime is heavily featured in the commercial, […]

KFC Foundation funds $1M in community projects

Finger lickin’ good doesn’t just describe KFC’s fried chicken. The KFC Foundation announced that it is funding $1 million in community projects, making wishes come true for 100 non-profit organizations nationwide. The KFC Foundation’s Kentucky Fried Wishes program supports communities by funding development projects on the wish lists of non-profit organizations. “We’re so inspired by […]

Taco Bell Testing Baja Blast Gelato

Taco Bell is exploring a new way to serve Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Testing of a Mountain Dew Baja Blast Gelato begins on Thursday, Aug. 31, at one location in Irvine, CA. This is the first time gelato has been on a Taco Bell menu. The test will last two weeks or as long as […]

$20 “Fill Up Box” urges customers to “make it a chicken night!”

KFC’s newest offer is a $20 Fill Up Box, a box filled with four pieces of fried chicken, 12 chicken nuggets, fries, biscuits and sauces. It’s targeted specifically at families that might otherwise order pizza during the final days of summer break. “Pizza night can get boring and a bit cheesy,” Nick Chavez, CMO of […]

Free Doritos Locos Tacos every Tuesday through Sept. 5

Once a week from Aug. 15 through Sept. 5, Taco Bell will be giving customers free Doritos Locos Tacos to celebrate the trademark being removed from the phrase “Taco Tuesday.” Since 1989, Wyoming-based Taco John’s had held the trademark for the popular term. Taco John’s gave up the trademark after Taco Bell filed a petition […]

KFC: Nearly 30% digital sales increase Q2

Throughout the past several quarters, Taco Bell has hogged the spotlight for Yum Brands’ earnings results. That spotlight in Q2, however, belonged to KFC. On August 2nd, Yum reported a 9% increase in same-store sales on the quarter – nearly 2% higher than analysts’ expectations. Global sales jumped 13%, with KFC up 19%, and both […]